Why Light Gauge

The Benefits of Steel are Significant
Light gauge steel framing has emerged as not only the most feasible alternative building material, but also the most cost-efficient for residential and light commercial construction. Here are some of the numerous benefits of using light gauge steel in construction.

General Benefits

  • DIMENSIONALLY STABLE does not rot, warp, split, crack or creep. No nail pops. Does not expand or contract with moisture content.
  • MOLD RESISTANT promotes healthy indoor environments.
  • TERMITE PROOF can’t be damaged by insects.
  • HIGHEST STRENGTH-TO-WEIGHT RATIO of any building material.
  • NON-COMBUSTIBLE will not contribute fuel to the spread of fire.
  • RECYCLED material is used in our steel.
The Builder Benefits
  • LIGHTER than other framing materials.
  • EASY material selection, no need to cull or sort the pile.
  • CONSISTENT material quality - straight walls, straight roof lines, square corners, fewer callbacks.
  • SMALLER PUNCH list, fewer hassles on site.
  • LESS SCRAP & waste (2% vs. 20% for lumber).
  • ENVIRONMENTAL selling and green positioning.
The Homeowner Benefits
  • HIGH STRENGTH results in safer structures.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE, slow aging of structure.
  • FIRE SAFETY & protection against termites.
  • NOT VULNERABLE to any type of fungi or mold.
  • LOWER probability of foundation problems.
  • LOWER probability of damage in earthquake.
  • LOWER probability of damage in high winds.
  • STRONGER connections, bolted, riveted vs. nails.

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